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Laundry baskets: well organized household!

From slinging socks and other garments scattered around the house, no one is happy. Therefore, place laundry baskets in some strategic places (such as in the bathroom and in the adolescents' bedroom) and avoid a lot of clutter. In addition, this way you can get started with the laundry super fast and well organized!

Choose your favorite laundry basket

In our webshop you will find various practical and stylish laundry baskets. For example, go for a handy folding laundry basket or a wash basket with wheels if you want to be able to easily carry the basket. Another option is a laundry basket with sorting boxes. This way you sort the dirty laundry directly by color, by garments per family member or you can separate work clothes from your other clothes. This laundry basket makes doing laundry extra easy.

Getting started with the laundry

Getting started with the laundry becomes a lot more fun thanks to our laundry baskets that are stylish, practical and functional. Plus, opt for a copy that fits your interior nicely. For example, go for a bamboo laundry basket, a tight black laundry basket or a hand-woven laundry basket. Finally, don't forget to check how big the laundry basket is. We have different sizes (for example, 90 or 140 liters) in our range.

Direct into the wardrobe

Are you done washing? Then quickly put the laundry basket in its familiar place and put the clean laundry in the wardrobe. In our webshop you will find several wardrobes and wardrobes where you can store your clean clothes comfortably!

Buy laundry baskets from Nancy Homestore

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Wasmanden quickly and easily at Nancy Homestore. Therefore, place your order immediately. We'll deliver your laundry basket in a few days. Do you need help placing an order or a question about our laundry baskets? Please contact us by email, phone, WhatsApp or Messenger!

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