Industrial Furniture

The basis of an industrial design

Industrial furniture is all the rage. Nancy HomeStore has an extensive range of industrial furniture and knows better than anyone how to give a home an industrial touch. Are you looking for tips on how to give your home an industrial makeover, often with very few steps? Then read on quickly!

Use of color

The basis for an industrial design is the color of your design. The standard colors that belong in an industrial interior are white, black, gray and various wood and metal tones. These colors should form the basis of your interior. Would you like to use more colors? Then choose colors that are close to each other and that ensure a harmonious whole. Apart from the basic colors, it gives a playful effect when, for example, you make a yellow color stand out.


In addition to the use of color, it is also the materials that give a real industrial touch to your interior. Genuine industrial materials are metal, (artificial) leather, PU, ​​concrete and wood. The most important thing is that the materials have a rough and tough look. Metal can be brought back in, for example, a unique industrial hanging lamp such as Nancy's Strike Hanging Lamp. Faux leather and wood are often combined in our furniture, including at Nancy's Wenachee Hocker. The combination of these two materials gives a very playful and tough appearance


Apart from the furnishing, an industrial-looking wall gives the finishing touch to your home. You probably immediately think of bricks, but there are also cheaper alternatives. You can think of wallpaper with bricks, or a concrete wall with a lick of paint. There is an enormous amount of wallpaper available with all conceivable industrial shades, patterns and colors.


Industrial lighting has become an integral part of today's living environment. Many houses already have a large industrial robust hanging lamp. Industrial lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, but characteristic of this lighting is that the lamps are often made of metal and steel. Nancy HomeStore is at home in all markets and has industrial hanging lampsceiling lampstable lampsfloor lamps en hanging lamps. Something for everyone!